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In step with the ever-changing retail landscape, customer needs and desires are always evolving and so are people’s expectations, affecting both commercialisation and marketing opportunities.

By working in collaboration with Toolbox Group, we can offer a unique and effective commercialisation and marketing service that brings value, quality and customer engagement, complementing the asset management strategy and ultimately enhancing the customer journey.

Our collaborative approach means delivering outstanding seasonal events for such occasions as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween and Christmas, as well as special Summer and Autumn events that guarantee year-round action. Revenue from these commercialisation opportunities lowers the marketing spend, boosts catchment penetration and increases dwell time, sales and interaction whilst driving revenue, loyalty and enhancement
of the overall consumer experience.

CASE STUDY: Two Rivers Retail Park, Staines


Whether it is a shopping centre, retail park, service station or airport, the retail 
space consumers experience is about more than just permanent shops. 
In fact, temporary retail solutions constitute a significant revenue stream for property owners – one that 
we know offers great potential for further enhancement.

Commercialisation includes opportunities for marketing 
and selling space separately or as a total package, helping brands run large campaigns and increasing revenue. Effective brand immersion is critical 
to ensuring buy-in and acceptance at the customer level.

To guarantee that all-encompassing experience that reaches shoppers on every level, Toolbox Commercial utilises mall space, online space, media space, air space and ambient space. All of these can be used in combination 
or singly to ensure relevance and deep engagement with the consumer.

CASE STUDY: Nicholsons Centre, Maidenhead




Pop-up retail shops are a very effective business model for generating extra non-core income for shopping centres from otherwise non-earning vacant units. Ideal short term tenants span a range of business types, from local entrepreneurs and startups testing the market to large brands poised to grow awareness and demand. In order to spark further creative engagement, the vacant units can also be utilised for seasonal niche market items like Valentine’s Day gifts, Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations.

To enhance the overall appearance of a shopping centre, vacant units can be dressed with vinyl covers to gain the look of a branded retail store. There are various methods to achieve this and earn income from local company sales or national company sponsorships.

CASE STUDY: Kamppi Shopping Centre, Helsinki


We pride ourselves on not only attracting the best brands and niche retailers to mall space managed by Toolbox Commercial, but also for our ability to maximise the positive impact these have on a property by matching brands to their target customers without compromising on quality. By offering a tailored and varied retail offer, coupled with a differentiating customer experience, we drive footfall and sales for all your retailers, temporary and permanent.

Toolbox Group has many years of experience delivering outstanding experiential brand-enhancing marketing campaigns within shopping centres and destination venues across the UK and Europe. By working together with our team at Toolbox Group, we 
do more than book the experiential space brands need in popular shopping centres and destination venues – we also plan and deliver unforgettable events that connect brands with people and shoppers with your shopping centre.

CASE STUDY: Lion Yard, Cambridge