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We have access and do business with hundreds of shopping centres and retail parks throughout the UK.  So, whether it’s for one day or one year, if you want to promote and sell your product, do some market research, launch a new product or increase Brand awareness, we will use all our industry knowledge and expertise to ensure you get into the right location at the best possible rates.


Working with Toolbox Commercial can also give you a completely joined up marketing offer, allowing you to use the marketing tools and channels of the shopping centre to further engage you target customer.  These channels include website, social media, e-flyers, in centre POS as well as centre events and campaigns, meaning you can align yourself with the brand and strengths of the shopping centre, ensuring more prominence of your brand and  better penetration of the market.


One of Toolbox Commercial’s many strengths is that we give a full commercialisation offer to all our clients and use our commercialisation partners as the USP for the shopping centre’s, helping to drive new visitors as well as experience.  We are always looking for new suppliers and partners to work with, so please do get in touch if you would like to work with us and can offer services that are suitable for any retail location.