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Mall space

We have an insider’s understanding of the marketing potential of all the non-standard retail channels that hold opportunities for the shopping centres of today and tomorrow. We also know how to make every square foot count, both for your brand value and your bottom line.

From information kiosks and newsstands to such indispensable services as key cutting, parcel services and dry cleaning, the opportunities abound to deploy RMU and kiosk space in ways that make a shopping centre an essential everyday stop for the busy customer. We help our clients be selective and strategic about utilising this area of opportunity, maximising frequency, dwell time and loyalty in addition to income.

  • Mall retail and promotions: RMUs and bespoke kiosk operators, promotional space, pop-up shops
  • External retail and promotions: containers, road shows, markets, fairs
  • Car parks: car park concourse promoters, car valet services

Coin operated space is anticipating shopper needs and seeing more than the opportunity to get them to shop at a store or attend an event. Many opportunities are incidental, incremental ones, measured in small change rather than big-ticket purchases. If planned strategically, even these small-income opportunities add up to meaningful amounts of revenue – plus increase dwell time and loyalty, by making shoppers’ lives easier.

  • Vending
  • Photo booths
  • Mobile device charging
  • Arcade games
  • Kiddie rides
  • Massage chairs
  • Click & Collect Lockers